Hi, this is me 29 years ago (1). Born in the Basque Country (2) and embracing milennial adulthood in Madrid (3), I´ve been taking pictures practically all my life (4) so I´ll let them do the talking.

First of all, working for VIRTUE was lit (5). From 2014 to 2016, as Junior Creative Art Director, I hit the ground running, learning from the best with clients like Ray-Ban, New Balance, Reebok, H&M, Bershka, Seat, Heineken or Timberland and it was a lot of fun. Then came the promotion in 2016 and I started playing Senior Creative Art Director with Absolut, Perrier or Mazda. (6)

Then, in 2018 the Koreans knocked on my door I worked for four years at CHEIL Madrid for Samsung as a Senior Creative Art Director at CHEIL (7).

But now, you can find my at MONO MADRID as a Senior Creative Art Director working for clients like Wallapop, Correos or VIPS.

If you want to see some “serious” 35mm analogic stuff click here.

And for any blablabla things send me an email here, call me on +34657774300 or stalk me here.