On December 1st and 2nd at La Carpa del Poble Espanyol (Barcelona), the renowned brand of Vodka showed its commitment to the most unknown and at the same time emerging sounds within the electronic scene. A fusion of music, visual installations and surprises.

Both national and international artists gathered in early December in Barcelona to inaugurate the new Absolut project. On the international scene we find the performances of Future Brown and Maluca, who can boast of sharing a record label with Aphex Twin, A.G. Cook and Anna Diamond, belonging to the Absolut label. Cook and Anna Diamond, belonging to the PC Music label. As for national talent, we find Marc Piñol with Hugo Capablanca and their joint project C.P.I., the Barcelona collective Discos Paradiso, Olde Gods and Pedro Vian.

On the technological and artistic side, attendees were able to experience an installation by LightNotes and Domestic Data Streamers that reflected the evolution of each attendee throughout the night and whose interior revealed a personal surprise about each of them, another interactive installation by ProtoPixel and visuals for both works by Eyesberg Studio.

Last but not least, Absolut organized a contest in which you only had to draw, paint, record or photograph your reinterpretation of the new edition of Absolut Facet, thus extolling the infinite faces of a night.